AstroZero — Eliminating the Financial Barrier to NFT Minting

AstroZero is the new, soon-to-launch NFT Marketplace powered by ELONONE. What makes AstroZero so exciting is the ability to mint NFT’s without Ethereum Gas fees, and further includes the lowest service fee in the NFT world. People who were once financially unable to mint, can now mint with AstroZero for negligible fees!

The recent surge in NFT’s and the wider cryptocurrency market in general, has sent Ethereum gas prices soaring in recent times. The chart below details minting fees seen this year (U.S Dollars). Especially during peak times, gas fees can be a significant barrier to entry for people across the world whose financial power does not permit them to cover such costly fees.

On top of gas fees (which AstroZero has 0) NFT platforms have to charge service fees. This is where AstroZero further excels.

AstroZero will have the cheapest fee at 0.7% and as low as 0.25% charged to both buyer and seller. We beat OpenSea, Rarible, Solana, SuperRare, and Nifty. Opensea’s fees are currently over 257% more than AstroZero’s!

Our mission is to give artists across the world the ability to mint NFT’S where they can incur the lowest costs possible.

Our utility gives us the wonderful opportunity to help those in the poorest nations on Earth, so that they can mint, showcase and sell their art to audiences all over the Globe, and at a fraction of the costs currently found elsewhere.

Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash

Our community has hosted online countless NFT spotlights, where we’ve given exposure to new and established NFT artists as well as up and coming artists from all over the world. We have scores of artists who are hugely excited to mint on AstroZero, and we look forward to seeing our friendly ecosystem grow in time.

Our blossoming team currently has a focus on bringing forward artists who were once financially unable to mint, right to the forefront of AstroZero. Artists who were once undiscovered, can now be discovered.

The AstroElon ($ElonOne) ecosystem of products are geared toward providing services that are beneficial to humanity and the economy alike. We take pride in the community our philosophy has cultivated and we are incredibly excited to where this journey will take us and who we can help on the way.



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